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So, I've had a huge run of bad luck recently, and now I guess the RNG is saying sorry to me. I started up a new wizard and recieved 2 scrolls of enchant armour in my starting build along with a +2 ring of gain strength and a magic marker. On the first floor, +5 gloves of dexterity (fencing gloves when unidentified, not the leather gloves the wiki said it should be; maybe I'll do a little edit). And just now, on DL3: "You feel an unexpected draft." The secret door had been opened by a dwarf who I killed in a single force bolt. Among other things, he had 1130 gold, a pickaxe, some hardshoes (to get to my current -3 AC) and a dwarvish mithril coat (I'd wear that for now if I wasn't an elf). Now close to Minetown and I've had so little monsters appear that I'm still Level 2 with 1803 gold, looks like I'll be able to afford a point or two of Divine Protection. This is about the most fortunate game so far, but Im steeling myself for the inevitable unexpected arch-lich or gnome with a wand of death. Has anyone else ever had a run of luck that made them squeal in delight?