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I'm a new user here, also pretty darn new to nethack itself. 

Now nethack has a vast gameplay, and it's very hard. Awfully hard, and a single wiki can't really have all the answers. So I suppose it would be better if we had an online chat, to ask users about the gameplay and where you are and what you're doing and how to get out of certain levels and difficult situations without needing to look for a page on it.

For example, I am a human Valkyrie right now, and I'm polomorphing randomly. I reched the sokoban (is that what it is? it was blue and strange and hard) levels and I can't find another stairway. So I climbed down, then up all the tairs and reached the beginning and now I think I've started over, in a way. The oracle's just being a jerk, too.

Also, can we post fanfics? It seems unjust to leave an awesome role playing game like nethack out of fandoms, unlike dungeons and dragond, etc.

red, molten plastic 16:04, September 15, 2013 (UTC)