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Hey I can't find this anywhere on the wiki, but is there a fixed price percentage difference for items that are blessed or cursed.? thanks

Yes. A very simple one.
  • Uncursed: 100% normal selling price.
  • Blessed: 100% normal selling price.
  • Cursed: 100% normal selling price.
All that matters is the positive enchantment (when applicable), and the price increase for each level of enchantment is usually noted on the page. Blessed items are simply more likely to have positive enchantment. Again, note that negative enchantment seems to have no effect on price, so a cursed -3 pair of iron shoes will sell for the same as uncursed +0; don't try to use this to determine BUC if you haven't found an altar/are athiest. -- Qazmlpok 01:38, July 30, 2010 (UTC)
The only exception is potions of water, where blessed and cursed ones both have a base price of 100z, while uncursed water is worthless (but "worthless" items have a base price of 5z when buying). --Darth l33t 21:02, August 1, 2010 (UTC)