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I walked into a polymorph trap @ Mines' End, and turned myself into a Stalker, a creature up to this point unknown to me - and found myself stunned, as a bonus.

As the stun was seeming not going away, i checked this site and found out the condition is permanent. I painstaikingly fought off some lesser enemies that found their way to my corner and basically started drinking and reading whatever i had on my hands, knowing that i'm only speeding up my decline, but hoping for a polymorphing effect of some sort they might have.

So yes, there was some poison i drunk, a fire(?) spell that burned some other unidentified scrolls etc. Then i zapped a wand of fire that bounced off the wall twice hitting me and voila - i turned back to my human form.

Is this normal? Is fire prooven method of dealing with being stunned? Or did i win a random number lottery? thanks,

rbrt 23:31, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

You killed yourself with the fire bolt. If you die while polymorphed, you will revert instead (only if from running out of hit points and if not wearing unchanging, with some buggy double exceptions). You could also have let the wimpy monsters nibble at you.
In general, you can exit an undesirable form by throwing things upward (press "<") while warding off dangerous enemies with Elbereth. I'm not sure if that works reliably while stunned. -Tjr 11:38, 1 August 2009 (UTC)
Right. This was my first contact with polymorphing (I better start zapping those unknown wand more often) so I was kinda lost. Thanks for info.
Rbrtkbl 18:34, 2 August 2009 (UTC)