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Hear my plea!

I am trying to get together enough people for this project: a sideview, castlevania-esque, action rpg form of NetHack.

As this is the NetHack wiki, I created an account for this specific reason. I started the idea on here: and hope to get the ball rolling.

So... will any of you strangers help me on this?

Would you please explain what you have in mind to somebody who doesn't know sideview, castlevania, and action rpg? Tjr 16:55, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
Sideview: Perspective from, well, the side (The original mario, most old fighting games, any "platformer" style game. ect.).
Castlevania: An 'extremely' long running series where you advance through the castle and kill dracula. Earlier games simply followed a level by level basis (and were difficult) but when "Symphony of the night" was released on the playstation, it allowed you to explore the castle, collect items and equipment, and so on. The Metroid series however, had this style (albeit in space) right from the get go on the NES; and might have served as better example here.
Action RPG: What NetHack would be if it was an action game.
Sorry for using TvTropes so much here... it's the only wiki I know.