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was able to kill it, but it hit me with something that blanked all my potions, scrolls and several spell book into water, blank paper and blank books, even those that I had in my bag of holding.

What did it hit me with and how do I defend against this type of attack

Most likely, you accidentally fell into water and only noticed the blanking after the crisis with the angel. There is no way monsters can blank your stuff in vanilla nethack. Even in SLASHEM, in case you were playing that, contents of containers are safe from wands of cancellation monsters zap at you.
The best way to prevent water damage accidents are: 1) play carefully, don't type ahead, 2) carry scrolls, books, and potions in a bag, or deposit things in your stash, 3) grease your main bag of holding, 4) to be extra safe, put it into a non-cursed oilskin sack. Tjr 09:40, October 9, 2010 (UTC)