This article is about the extended command. For the force that sometimes prevents you from teleporting or climbing stairs, see mysterious force.

#force is the extended command to unlock a container with a weapon, either by prying or by smashing the lock. It cannot be used on doors, you will instead get the message "You decide not to force the issue."

Prying with an edged weapon (such as a dagger) is a better method, as it will do no harm to the container and its contents. However, it may break your weapon, so do not pry with your only (or best) weapon! Smashing the box with a blunt weapon (such as a mace) may destroy the whole container including its contents. Smashing the container, therefore, is a very bad idea and it would be best to leave the container until you have some means of unlocking it. Forcing the chest with an edged weapon exercises dexterity, while a blunt weapon exercises strength.


In SLASH'EM, you can also use the force command on doors to bash it down with your weapon.