Flying is an intrinsic property. The effects of flying are:

  • You can pass over pits, holes, trap doors, squeaky boards, bear traps, water or lava safely. (Pits and holes in Sokoban will still trap you.)
  • Land mines have a chance of not being triggered, and will not wound your legs.
  • Improved chances of avoiding death by drawbridge.
  • You can move freely over ice or on the Plane of Air.
  • Wounded legs do not reduce your carrying capacity.
  • No ill effects from descending stairs when encumbered, fumbling or punished.
  • You are out of reach of xans' attacks.
  • You escape the dungeon rather than dying by level teleporting to levels between -9 and -1.
  • You can dip objects into water, unlike with levitation.
  • You cannot pick up items trapped in a pit.
  • You cannot snag underwater items with a bullwhip - put on a levitation item if needed.

You can acquire this property by polymorphing into a flying monster:

You can also fly by riding a flying monster:

There are some flying monsters which you cannot polymorph into:

SLASH'EM adds the amulet of flying which grants flying extrinsically. It cannot be eaten to gain intrinsic flight. Additionally, player vampires will start with intrinsic flight.

You can sometimes displace flying monsters by kicking them. If the "foo swoops, nimbly evading your kick" than it is moved to a random vacant square adjacent to you.

Source code[]

In the source code, a monster is defined as flying if it has the M1_FLY flag[1]. Note that flying is different from levitation, and monsters represented by an e levitate rather than fly, even though they possess the M1_FLY flag.

Source code references[]

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