This article is about the state of high temperature. For using inventory items to launch projectiles, see firing.

Fire burns organic material and boils potions and water. Objects in containers are not affected. Intrinsic fire resistance does not protect items in a players main inventory; and reflection guards them from ray attacks only, not fire traps. Some melee fire attacks can be protected against with magic cancellation. Fire occurs in NetHack in several places:

  • You can inflict fire attacks in meleé by wielding the artifact weapon Fire Brand.
  • The Plane of Fire is the third of the Elemental Planes
  • Accepted sacrifices on a neutral or chaotic altar explode in a burst of flame. Thankfully, this flame does not interact with you, so you have to worry about neither burning nor boiling potions.

Since fire attacks in Nethack will melt a glass golem, we can deduce that the temperature of fire is at least 1600 degrees C, or 2900 degrees F.


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