SLASH'EM introduces a number of monsters similar to the Floating eye. Unlike the floating eye, the new monsters possess offensive gaze attacks and will use them on you whenever they get a chance. All are also mindless, making it more difficult to approach them after blinding yourself to avoid their gaze.

See also The Beholder

Glowing eye Edit

The gaze attack of the Glowing eye is identical in effect to that of the Archon. The gaze will cause blinding for 3d4 turns and stun for 1d3 turns if not wearing The Eyes of the Overworld.

Bloodshot eye Edit

The gaze attack of the Bloodshot eye is identical to Baalzebub's gaze attack. Eating it's corpse will cause hallucination.

Blinking eye Edit

The gaze attack of the Blinking eye is identical to the attack of the Quantum mechanic. It has the same speed as a player without speed and will cause you to teleport on every turn that it is able to lock gazes, making it extremely annoying to approach without either a blindfold or teleport control. Eating the corpse of a blinking eye has a very large chance of conveying teleportitis.

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