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An engulfing attack is one in which you are surrounded by the monster, whether being swallowed whole by it (in the case of e.g. purple worms and trappers) or simply being drawn into it (vortices and air elementals).

Monsters with engulfing attacks:

Monster Damage Type
ochre jelly Acid
lurker above Digestion
trapper Digestion
fog cloud Physical
dust vortex Blinding
ice vortex Cold
energy vortex Shock and Drain energy
steam vortex Fire
fire vortex Fire
purple worm Digestion
air elemental Physical
Juiblex Disease

To be expelled and escape from an engulfed state, you can:

Take note that when you are expelled from an engulfing monster, you are subject to any traps on the square you are released to. If the engulfing monster has moved you, this may trigger traps that you have not discovered yet.

A directional spell will always hit the monster engulfing you ("The <spell> rips into the <monster>!") although ray-based attacks do not travel beyond the confines of the monster.

Also, any melee attacks on an engulfing monster will always hit. This can be useful for practicing melee weapon skills at low levels.

A ring of slow digestion protects against digesting attacks. Rather than damage you, "You get regurgitated! Obviously the <foo> doesn't like your taste." and you are expelled.

If you have any free time while engulfed, you might try searching or engraving.

The time you will be engulfed is shortened by high monster level, and lengthened by good (low) AC. This means digesters will fully digest you faster if they are high level or you are poorly armored. The effect is perhaps unintuitive for other engulfers, however. The minimum number of (the engulfer's) turns you will be engulfed is 2 (including the one on which you are swallowed), which means at normal speed you are guaranteed at least one to attempt to escape a digester.

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