The elemental monster class is represented by the symbol E and consists of five monster types:

The stalker is quite unlike the others, and so the term “elemental” usually refers only to the four proper elementals.

Stalkers are genocidable but the proper elementals are not, so using a blessed genocide on the E class will only wipe out stalkers.

Air elemental[edit | edit source]

The air elemental is one of the four types of elementals in the dungeon and, indeed, the fastest monster of any sort in the entire game. They appear both on the Plane of Air (guaranteed) and in the main dungeon (random). Unlike other elementals, air elementals can engulf players. Their main attack is to pummel the player with debris; this can be quite deadly to unprepared characters due to their extreme speed and because, unlike against other whirly monsters, one cannot acquire a resistance against the physical damage. Air elementals are not genocidable. They are also immune to petrification and poison.

In previous versions of NetHack, air elementals dealt twice the damage than they currently do; it was reduced in version 3.4.0.

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Earth elemental[edit | edit source]

Earth elementals are slow and thus easily dealt with, although you may find yourself overwhelmed by large numbers of them as they can phase through walls.

Fire elemental[edit | edit source]

Fire elementals are slow and not hard to fight, especially if you have fire resistance, in which case they can do you no damage.

Water elemental[edit | edit source]

Water elementals may be summoned by drinking from a sink and can easily kill an early character should they hit. Unlike the air elemental, water elementals are slow and easy to run away from.

Encyclopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Elementals are manifestations of the basic nature of the
universe. There are four known forms of elementals: air, fire,
water, and earth. Some mystics have postulated the necessity
for a fifth type, the spirit elemental, but none have ever
been encountered, at least on this plane of existence.

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