SLASH'EM introduces three big brothers to the grid bug, the spark, arc and lightning bugs. They possess the same shock attacks as the grid bug, but, since they are higher than level 0, their attacks have the potential to destroy rings and wands. Note that, unlike grid bugs, they are perfectly capable of moving diagonally.


All three of these bugs can be a large danger to an early SLASH'EM character. Magic cancellation is a must to protect against their attacks, but even MC 3 is not proof against them, and it may be difficult to acquire for a beginning character. The main danger of these bugs is that they may destroy wands; in SLASH'EM, a wand exploding has the same effect as if you broke it yourself. This means that all those wands you have could cause magical explosions, cancel everything in your inventory, engulf you in a fireball, polymorph you, or, worst of all, be wasted pointlessly. A relatively low-level character is not likely to survive that many magical explosions, and these bugs are generally seen in SLASH'EM's relatively early game. They make acquiring a sack or oilskin sack a much higher priority, particularly for wands of cancellation, which of course cannot be put in a bag of holding. A good philosophy in SLASH'EM for wands is, unless you wouldn't mind it blowing up in your face, don't keep it in your main inventory.

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