Eating jewelry is a method to permanently gain the intrinsics conveyed by wearing some rings and amulets. To eat a ring or amulet, one must first polymorph into a creature that can eat the material of the ring or amulet.

The material of a ring is dependent upon its randomized appearance, not its function. Not all rings are edible, so the set of rings that can be eaten varies from game to game. You can determine the material (appearance) of already identified rings using the discoveries command (\). All amulets are iron so are edible by metallivores, specifically rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.

Eating a ring has a one in three chance of conveying its powers to the eater, while eating an amulet only has a one in five chance of conveying its powers. If the intrinsic is granted, you get the following message: "Magic spreads through your body as you digest the {ring|amulet}" as opposed to the traditional intrinsic gain message.

Eating other metal items only confers nutrition.

CAUTION: Artifacts are treated as their base items for eating purposes. This means that you can accidentally eat your great weapon or quest artifact. It will then be lost forever.

Edible rings Edit

The edible rings, and who can eat them, are given in the following table:

Image Appearance Material Consumable by
Pearl ring pearl iron metallivore (rock mole, rust monster, xorn)
Iron ring iron iron metallivore
Twisted ring twisted iron metallivore
Steel ring steel iron metallivore
Wire ring wire iron metallivore
Engagement ring engagement iron metallivore
Shiny ring shiny iron metallivore
Bronze ring bronze copper metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals (rock mole, xorn)
Brass ring brass copper metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals
Copper ring copper copper metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals
Silver ring silver silver metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals
Gold ring gold gold metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals
Wooden ring wooden wood gelatinous cube
Granite ring granite mineral inedible
Clay ring clay mineral inedible
Coral ring coral mineral inedible
Moonstone ring moonstone mineral inedible
Opal ring opal mineral inedible
Black onyx ring black onyx mineral inedible
Jade ring jade gemstone inedible
Agate ring agate gemstone inedible
Topaz ring topaz gemstone inedible
Sapphire ring sapphire gemstone inedible
Ruby ring ruby gemstone inedible
Diamond ring diamond gemstone inedible
Emerald ring emerald gemstone inedible
Tiger eye ring tiger eye gemstone inedible
Ivory ring ivory bone inedible

Effects of eating rings Edit

Ring Intrinsic granted
ring of adornment +n charisma until unpoly
ring of aggravate monster aggravate monster
ring of cold resistance cold resistance
ring of conflict conflict and hunger
ring of fire resistance fire resistance
ring of free action sleep resistance
ring of gain constitution +n constitution until unpoly
ring of gain strength +n strength until unpoly
ring of hunger hunger
ring of increase accuracy +n to-hit bonus
ring of increase damage +n damage bonus
ring of invisibility invisibility
ring of levitation levitation for d10+10 (more) turns
ring of poison resistance poison resistance
ring of polymorph polymorphitis
ring of polymorph control polymorph control
ring of protection +n AC
ring of protection from shape changers protection from shape changers
ring of regeneration regeneration and hunger
ring of searching searching
ring of see invisible see invisible
ring of shock resistance shock resistance
ring of slow digestion inedible
ring of stealth stealth
ring of sustain ability no effect
ring of teleport control teleport control
ring of teleportation teleportitis
ring of warning warning

Beware: eating a ring of conflict, ring of regeneration, or ring of hunger will permanently increase your nutrition consumption.

Note: If you eat a ring of adornment, ring of gain strength, or ring of gain constitution and then return to your normal form, you will lose the changes to your stats.

Effects of eating amulets Edit

Amulet Effect
amulet of change change gender
amulet of ESP gain telepathy
amulet of life saving no effect
amulet of magical breathing gain magical breathing
amulet of reflection no effect
amulet of restful sleep gain restful sleep
amulet of strangulation immediately choke
amulet of unchanging unpolymorph
amulet versus poison

gain poison resistance

cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor inedible
Amulet of Yendor


amulet of flying (slashem) no effect
amulet of drain resistance (slashem) no effect
amulet of polymorph (slashem) no effect
amulet versus stone (slashem) reverse stoning

Strategy Edit

At 1/3 odds (ring), to be ~80% certain to get the intrinsic in question you would have to eat four copies. For ~95% certainty you could need as many as seven. At 1/5 odds (amulet), to be ~80% certain you would have to eat seven copies. For ~95% certainty, as many as thirteen. If you are limited in ways to polymorph yourself it's important to have duplicates. Short of polypiling it is unlikley you'll have enough to be almost certain (~95%) to get the intrinsic for amulets.


A user has suggested improving this page or section as follows:

"There was a rgrn thread some time ago stating protection does not wrap around, i. e. it is stored in a 16-bit integer and clipped to 8 bit after the fact."

The amount of protection or damage and accuracy bonus you can obtain this way is only limited by the number of rings in the game (provided they have an edible appearance). However, these attributes are stored in a signed integer, so you do not want your total bonus (including weapon / armor type and enchantment, skill level, worn rings etc) to exceed +127 lest it wrap around and become negative.

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