) Dwarvish mattock
Name dwarvish mattock
Appearance broad pick
Damage vs. small 1d12 (1-12)
Damage vs. large 1d8+2d6 (3-20)
To-hit bonus -1
Weapon skill pick-axe
Size two-handed
Cost 50 zm
Weight 120
Material iron

Dwarvish mattocks are effective weapons; much more so than pick-axes. They however have some drawbacks — mattocks are not only heavier than pick-axes, but require two hands to wield as well. Furthermore, their -1 to-hit "bonus" can make them difficult to hit enemies with. Dwarves (the monster) are occasionally generated with a mattock. When unidentified, a mattock appears as a broad pick.

The mattock, besides being two-handed, heavier, and a superior weapon, has the same advantages and drawbacks as pick-axe, namely:

  • They can be (a)pplied (this wields the mattock!) to dig through walls or floors, or to break boulders or statues into rocks (Archeologists are penalized for breaking historic statues). Occasionally a spellbook or other useful item will be found in the remains of a statue. If you apply it upwards, a rock will fall from the ceiling and bonk you on the head.
  • Shopkeepers will not allow you to carry a mattock into a shop unless you hide it within a container. Attempting to throw one into a shop by standing in front of the shopkeeper and throwing it diagonally past him/her will fail, as the shopkeeper will catch it.

Dwarvish mattocks are classified as weapons, not tools.

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