To drop something is to remove it from your inventory and place it on the ground under you. While levitating, the item is dropped from a height; if the item is fragile it may shatter. Dropping items is often necessary since carrying too much weight will cause the player to become burdened. The player's pack only has a limited amount of space, too -- in most cases, only enough room for two different items for each letter of the alphabet.

Sometimes it is impossible to drop items due to their BUC status. It is not possible to drop a cursed loadstone.

  • Press d to drop an item
  • Press shift +  d to drop several items

If dropping multiple items, you will be given the option to select different categories of items to drop:

"What kinds of things do you want to drop? [!%= BUCXaium]"
Options include:
B - drop all objects known to be blessed.
U - drop all objects known to be uncursed.
C - drop all objects known to be cursed.
X - drop all objects of unknown B/U/C status.
a - drop all objects, without asking for confirmation.
i - examine your inventory before dropping anything.
u - drop only unpaid objects (when in a shop).
m - use a menu to pick which object(s) to drop.

You may also combine the options in a single shift +  d command:

D%u - drop only unpaid food.

See alsoEdit

  • Death drop for items that monsters drop after something kills them.
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