Drain resistance – or level drain resistance – is a property that resists attacks that reduce experience level or monster level. It can be possessed by both players and monsters.


Drain resistance prevents the following attacks:

Acquiring drain resistanceEdit

Drain resistance may be acquired by:[1]

In SLASH'EM, one can wear deep dragon scales or deep dragon scale mail, or wear an amulet of drain resistance or begin the game with Intrinsic drain resistance as a Necromancer or Undead Slayer.


Drain resistance usually acts silently. Only the lack of level drain messages indicates it is operating.

When consorting with a foocubus, the message "You have a curious feeling" indicates that you would have lost a level, but the loss was prevented by drain resistance.


In vanilla nethack, drain resistance is not especially important; this is because monsters' level drain attacks are subject to magic cancellation. By the time such monsters are encountered, most players will have a magic cancellation of 3 and a successful drain life attack will be extremely rare. Even then, a single point of experience is enough to regain the one occasionally drained level.

In SLASH'EM, monsters may use a wand of draining to attack the player, particularly in The Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers. This makes drain resistance much more important.


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