A domestic animal is one which can be pacified or tamed by throwing food at it. They are:

A chameleon, while imitating any of these, behaves the same way and thus presents a transient opportunity for easy taming, which will persist even after changing form.

Pacifying and taming Edit

Throwing any kind of food (except an egg or cream pie) at a domestic animal will make it peaceful and remove any fear effects, even if it is not something that the animal would normally eat.[1] For example, a dog could be made peaceful by throwing a carrot or a lichen corpse, and a horse could be made peaceful by throwing a food ration or a gnome corpse.

If the food is considered a treat, a suitable corpse, or otherwise “acceptable” food, the animal will become tame and will eat the food. The animal is not considered hungry for food classification purposes.

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