The Discoveries page, accessed by pressing the backslash key ([\]), shows all the items you have identified so far. It can be useful for checking facts about items that are sometimes not immediately apparent, or are hidden by the game through description and identification.

Examples include details of randomized appearance (of potions - useful to determine which potion is smoky - spellbooks, scrolls and base armor and weapon items), or what base item type an artifact is. This can be used to pseudo-identify further objects through the process of elimination.

Automatic knowledge[]

Some items are automatically identified by the game without any message once certain conditions are met. Items that you know of automatically, but have yet to encounter, are listed on the Discoveries page by a leading * before the description.

  • Starting equipment: All characters start with full knowledge of all their starting equipment
  • Racial armor and weapons: All characters start with full knowledge of their racial armor and weapons if their role is
  • Potion groupings: When you have identified a single member of the following potions, you are automatically provided with knowledge of the remaining potions:
    • Healing: Potion of healing, extra healing or full healing - As the Healer role starts with knowledge of the potions of healing and extra healing in their inventory, they also start with knowledge of potions of full healing. Useful should you encounter a liquor store
    • Water: Potion of unholy water, potion of water, potion of holy water - If you only identify an uncursed potion of water, the descriptions of the holy/unholy water don't appear in the Discoveries page as would be expected until you actually create one at an altar