The devteam is the group of people who develop NetHack. They have their own mailing lists, and you can reach them by emailing The core devteam is responsible for NetHack proper, and there are several other people maintaining the different window ports.

Members Edit

Core devteam Edit

  • Michael Allison
  • Ken Arromdee
  • David Cohrs
  • Jessie Collet
  • Kevin Hugo
  • Ken Lorber
  • Dean Luick
  • Pat Rankin
  • Mike Stephenson
  • Janet Walz
  • Paul Winner
  • Warwick Allison

Window Port Maintainers Edit

  • Pat Rankin (VMS)
  • Michael Allison (MS-DOS, Windows)
  • Dean Luick (Mac)
  • Mark Modrall (Mac)
  • Kevin Hugo (Mac)
  • David Cohrs (Windows)
  • Alex Kompel (Windows)
  • Dion Nicolaas (Windows)
  • Yitzhak Sapir (Windows)
  • Ron Van Iwaarden (OS/2)
  • Janne Salmijärvi (Amiga)
  • Teemu Suikki (Amiga)
  • Christian "Marvin" Bressler (Atari)
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