When the player kills a monster, sometimes it may leave items with its corpse; these items are known as death drops. If a monster leaves a corpse and is not a Kop, it has a 17% chance of leaving a random item on it[1]. The type of item is dependent on what portion of the dungeon you are in[2]. There is also a penalty against small monsters, who can only leave food rations, leashes, figurines, or items that weigh less than three.

Normal dungeon[edit | edit source]

This table applies to anything except Gehennom, the Rogue Level, contents of containers.

Item class Probability
Food 20%
Potions 16%
Weapons 10%
Armor 10%
Tools 8%
Gems 8%
Scrolls 4%
Spellbooks 4%
Wands 4%
Rings 3%
Amulets 1%

Rogue Level[edit | edit source]

Item class Probability
Food 22%
Potions 22%
Scrolls 22%
Weapons 12%
Armor 12%
Wands 5%
Rings 5%

Gehennom[edit | edit source]

Item class Probability
Weapons 20%
Armor 20%
Food 16%
Tools 12%
Wands 8%
Rings 8%
Amulets 4%
Potions 1%
Scrolls 1%

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