When the player kills a monster, sometimes it may leave items with its corpse; these items are known as death drops. If a monster leaves a corpse and is not a Kop, it has a 17% chance of leaving a random item on it[1]. The type of item is dependent on what portion of the dungeon you are in[2]. There is also a penalty against small monsters, who can only leave food rations, leashes, figurines, or items that weigh less than three.

Normal dungeonEdit

This table applies to anything except Gehennom, the Rogue Level, contents of containers.

Item class Probability
Food 20%
Potions 16%
Weapons 10%
Armor 10%
Tools 8%
Gems 8%
Scrolls 4%
Spellbooks 4%
Wands 4%
Rings 3%
Amulets 1%

Rogue LevelEdit

Item class Probability
Food 22%
Potions 22%
Scrolls 22%
Weapons 12%
Armor 12%
Wands 5%
Rings 5%


Item class Probability
Weapons 20%
Armor 20%
Food 16%
Tools 12%
Wands 8%
Rings 8%
Amulets 4%
Potions 1%
Scrolls 1%

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