DeathOnAStick is a NetHack player. He/she is famous in the NetHack community for his year-and-a-half-long game on, from 2004-04-17 to 2005-11-27. They spent much of this time polypiling rocks into gems and collecting pet giants to carry the bags of gems for them, since there were so many.

After killing the Wizard of Yendor on dungeon level 1, they found a potion of gain level from the death drop. They drank it without fully identifying it first, finding out it was cursed.

Upon reaching the Plane of Earth, they desperately checked their inventory, and indeed they were carrying no gems. At this point, they went idle for 38 seconds. A few of their entourage of giants had been close enough to be dragged into the Planes with them, but they were either killed off or left behind at the inter-plane portals. The only gems DeathOnAStick had at their ascension were 2 dilithium crystals.

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