There are several commands in NetHack that use Ctrl key. Ctrl key allows sending some non-printable characters to NetHack. The Mac port uses Apple.

Commands that use CtrlEdit

  • Press Ctrl +  t to teleport.
  • Press Ctrl +  d to kick something.
  • Press Ctrl +  a to redo the previous command.
  • Press Ctrl +  p to repeat previous messages.
  • Press Ctrl +  c to quit game.
  • Press Ctrl +  r to redraw screen.
  • Press Ctrl +  x to show your attributes.
  • Press Ctrl +  z to suspend NetHack. (tty version only)
  • Pressing Ctrl +  [ or Ctrl +  @ is equivalent to pressing ESC key (cancells commands).
  • Pressing Ctrl with direction key will move that direction untill you are near something.

Wizard modeEdit

Several commands are available only in Wizard mode.

  • Press Ctrl +  e to search a room.
  • Press Ctrl +  f to map the level.
  • Press Ctrl +  g to create monster.
  • Press Ctrl +  i to identify all your items.
  • Press Ctrl +  o to show locations of special levels.
  • Press Ctrl +  v to levelport (pressing ? will show you menu with special levels).
  • Press Ctrl +  w to wish for an object.
  • Press Ctrl +  x to show your attributes and intrinsics.


  • Ctrl +  m acts in a same way as Ctrl +  j
  • Ctrl +  s and Ctrl +  q are sometimes used to pause and resume terminal output (tty version only). If NetHacks seems to stop respoding, try pressing Ctrl +  q, especially if you use Screen program.
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