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Appearance crystal plate mail
Slot body armor
AC 7
Cost 820 zm
Weight 450
Material glass

Crystal plate mail is one of the three types of plate mail in the dungeon (the other two being bronze plate mail and normal plate mail). It is the most expensive of the three, with a base cost of 820. Its armor class is 7, and it provides MC2.

Being made of crystal, this armor does not inhibit spellcasting. However, like all other plate mail, it is very heavy and thus cumbersome for low-strength spellcasters such as wizards.

Crystal plate mail is made of glass and is thus fragile and will shatter if thrown against a wall, dropped while levitating, kicked, etc. It will not break while you are wearing or carrying it, even if you are struck by a wand of striking. Crystal plate mail does NOT provide reflection.

Be careful with that Force Bolt in a shop containing crystal plate mail. A 1000-gold debt early in the game is essentially a doomed game.

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