Croesus, @, is the rich owner of the Fort Ludios and of all vaults. He resides on a throne in the right half of Fort Ludios and can eliminate low-level characters quite easily with his two-handed sword. In general, if you can avoid melee with him, he will die quite easily. Also, Croesus is suceptible to the effects of a wand of sleep, after which he is easily disposed of. Characters that are ready to go to the Castle should have no problem dealing with him. His name can also be spelled Kroisos and, if your game has Tourists, as Creosote, after a Discworld character based on Croesus.

A player character named Croesus (Kroisos, Creosote) can tell guards that his name is Croesus (Kroisos, Creosote) without incurring an alignment penalty for lying.

Encyclopaedia entryEdit

Croesus (in Greek: Kroisos), the wealthy last king of Lydia;
his empire was destroyed when he attacked Cyrus in 549, after
the Oracle of Delphi (q.v.) had told him: "if you attack the
Persians, you will destroy a mighty empire". Herodotus
relates of his legendary conversation with Solon of Athens,
who impressed upon him that being rich does not imply being
happy and that no one should be considered fortunate before
his death.

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