Name cream pie
Cost 10 zm
Nutrition 100
Turns to eat 1
Weight 10
Conduct vegetarian

Cream pies are comestibles and can be eaten or thrown. Keystone Kops will throw them at you, making you temporarily blind. If you are hit by a cream pie, you can #wipe your face or apply a towel to regain sight faster. It is possible to apply a cream pie to yourself; this in effect makes you blind.

You can also wield a cream pie if you want to avoid killing monsters. Throwing a cream pie, or hitting with a wielded one, does not break any conducts. Eating the pie breaks the vegan conduct but preserves the vegetarian conduct.

Applying or otherwise destroying a wielded cream pie can crash the game (Bug C343-218). You are safe if you immediately wield w something else or even nothing -, or if you save and restore the game.

Zapping a cream pie with a wand of striking gives the message "What a mess!" and destroys the cream pie.

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