Cold resistance is a fairly important resistance to have. It will protect against most cold attacks and reduce slipping on ice. However, most cold attacks will still freeze potions, destroying them.

Cold resistance is fairly easy to obtain through eating corpses. White dragons provide cold resistance, as do most "cold" monsters, like blue jellies and winter wolves. The Valkyrie starts out with intrinsic cold resistance, being from the frigid Northlands. Monks get Cold Resistance at XL 13.


Gaining cold resistance from eating a monster corpse produces the message "You feel full of hot air."


Numerous types of monster corpses may confer cold resistance when eaten.  The monster types and percentage chance of receiving the intrinsic are noted in the table below.  Nutrition values with a 'V' are suitable for vegetarians and those marked with a '!' are suitable for vegans.  See eat.c#line640 and monst.c for further information.

Monster Nutrition Percent chance
black pudding 250 ~22%
blue jelly 20 V! ~13%
brown mold 30 V! ~3%
brown pudding 250 V ~11%
Chromatic Dragon 1700 ~17%
flesh golem 600 12%
frost giant 750 ~66%
gelatinous cube 150 V! 10%
gray ooze 250 V ~7%
ice troll 300 60%
white dragon 1500 100%
winter wolf 300 ~47%
winter wolf cub 200 ~33%
yeti 700 ~33%

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