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cloak of magic resistance
Appearance random
Slot cloak
AC 1
Cost 60 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

A cloak of magic resistance (CoMR) provides MC3 and magic resistance. Wear this, and you can stop worrying about the nastier traps, and become immune to any wand of striking or magic missiles fired by an enemy.

A Wizard's starting inventory always contains a cloak of magic resistance, but all other characters must identify the item during the course of the game.


If you are not invisible, then the cloak of magic resistance is the only randomized cloak that does not self-identify when you wear it, so if you wear it and it does not self-identify, then you know you have a cloak of magic resistance.

For invisible characters, the cloak of magic resistance is difficult to distinguish from a cloak of invisibility because neither one will self-identify when worn. One way to identify the cloak of magic resistance is to wear it and step onto an anti-magic field, polymorph trap, teleportation trap, or be subject to a wand of striking. Be sure that you do not have magic resistance from any other source, such as wielding Magicbane or carrying certain quest artifacts. If you have magic resistance, the effect will be nullified. Beware, though, that if the cloak is not magic resistance, you will suffer the effect in question. A safer approach is to zap a wand of enlightenment and look for the line "You are magic-protected".

Even if you observe a cloak of magic resistance nullifying an effect, the cloak will not self-identify.