Clerical spells are those used to interact with the divine and the act of creation. Using them does not, however, break the atheist conduct.

The following roles can gain skills in the Clerical school:

Clerical spells
Max Role
Role Skill
Knight Skilled
Monk Skilled
Priest Expert
Samurai Skilled
Wizard Skilled

The following spellbooks teach you Clerical spells:

Spellbook Spell Level Relative Probability Turns to Read Probability Conditional on Price
Spellbook of protection 1 1.83% 3 6.3%
Spellbook of create monster 2 3.56% 3 14.9%
Spellbook of remove curse 3 2.54% 5 10.8%
Spellbook of create familiar 6 1.01% 7 19.6%
Spellbook of turn undead 6 1.62% 8 31.4%
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