Cherry is a chickatrice who sometimes reappears in the webcomic, Dudley's dungeon. Her adventure is to explore the same dungeon as Dudley and to retrieve an important artifact. While Dudley seeks the Amulet of Yendor, Cherry seeks the Seed of Life. Cherry typically plays a neutral female chickatrice warrior.

The authors typically use Cherry to set up those humorous situations that require two adventurers in the same dungeon. Dudley remains unaware of the second adventurer, and regards Cherry only as yet another chickatrice. So Cherry may become a victim of some side effect of Dudley's adventure.

Appearances Edit

Cherry has her first appearance amid a long story arc for which Dudley plays a male chaotic elven wizard. At 17 August 2006, Dudley encounters a cockatrice nest. Dudley hesitates to use a blessed scroll of genocide against the 'c' class. The story arc establishes Dudley's trouble with 'c' monsters.

Cherry first appears at 24 August 2006, when she enters NetHack as a "neutral female chickatrice warrior" and announces her quest for the Seed of Life. Although Cherry is not of the party attacking the elf, Dudley now genocides chickatrices. Cherry, not at fault, dies with the headstone message, "killed by an unrelated plotline".

Cherry starts another game, and has her second appearance at 25 September 2006. Cherry locates a "human rogue called Dudley" and attempts to attack, but first a mail daemon, while rushing to meet Dudley, shoves Cherry into a fountain. She dies, "drowned in a deluge of mail".

Cherry's third appearance is at 23 February 2007. This time, Cherry announces her intent to use blessed genocide against '@', thus removing the Dudley problem. But first Cherry encounters Dudley, and Dudley kills Cherry and takes her corpse. For the first time, Cherry's stoning ability has significance. The deceased Cherry complains while Dudley wields the chickatrice corpse against some weak monsters. Finally Dudley falls into a pit and Cherry's corpse kills Dudley.

At 7 February 2008, Cherry suddenly meets Dudley in a corridor. This time, Cherry has a scroll of genocide, though it is not blessed. Cherry genocides "humans". Then the showrace option reveals that Dudley is a dwarf. Thus Dudley escapes the genocide and attacks Cherry.

On 30 June 2008 Cherry faces the Wizard of Yendor and wonders why the Wizard keeps returning when she can simply stone him.

By 7 August 2008, it appears that Dudley or somebody else has finally managed to get rid of Cherry and her meat has been tinned. Unfortunately for Dudley, he thought that the "Cherry" in the tin referred to fruit. He was stoned.

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