The Chaotic Quest is one of the new alignment-based quests in SLASH'EM, and arguably the hardest of the three. Unlike normal quests, the alignment quests do not have quest leaders, nor do you actually have to be the alignment in question in order to attempt the Quest. They are also only one level each. You have to complete at least two of the three alignment quests in order to get the keys to the indestructable doors in Vlad's Tower. On entering the Chaotic Quest, you will receive the message "You feel deathly cold."


Unlike the Lawful and Neutral Quests, the Chaotic Quest does not have a fixed map. Instead, it's a standard rooms-and-corridors level containing 17 random L, six random W, eight random V, and 14 random Z; eight chests, nine random gems, ten random potions, nine random scrolls, six random spellbooks, and 34 other random items; and seven random traps. Vecna is located in one of the rooms; on defeat, he will drop the Key of Chaos and the Hand of Vecna, which is a very powerful item, definitely worth the trouble all the L will cause you - it gives you slotless hungerless regeneration and half physical damage in addition to its normal power.


Three tactics are very useful :

  • genocide : genociding L's and V's is very useful : level drain to death is not very hard to have on the chaotic quest.
  • Wear deep dragon scale mail, or wield Excalibur, and go through your enemies with regeneration with you. This prevents level drain, but you still have to be quite powerful to survive the waves of enemies.
  • Engrave Elbereth with a wand of lightning or of fire. This tactic may permit a level 5 character to finish the quest. However, you may need to leave the portal square to wake Vecna, and not all summoned nasties respect the E-word.
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