( Can of grease.png
Name can of grease
Appearance can of grease
Cost 20 zm
Weight 20

A can of grease can be applied to grease any item. This protects them from rust and corrosion and also from grabbing attacks. A mind flayer can not attach its tentacles to a greased helmet, either.

A greased item may slip when attempting to throw it, resulting in the object falling to the ground or sending it flying towards a random direction.

The layer of grease is not permanent: each time it protects you, there is a 50% chance that it will wear off.[1] On your next turn, you can apply your can of grease again to re-grease the item. Until that turn, you will remain vulnerable, which can be a problem when fighting fast monsters.

If a greased piece of armor is cursed, there is only a 2/3 chance that it will protect you from grabbing or mind-sucking attacks.[2]

Cursed cans will make your fingers greasy (a towel can be used to wipe them clean). You can grease your hands (should you wish to for some reason) with a non-cursed can by choosing "-" when prompted.

Grease is also useful for containers. A greased container will protect its contents from water damage. However, the water damage has a chance to dissolve the grease, at which point you must re-grease the container if you still want the protection. Oilskin sacks are like permanently-greased sacks.

Each can of grease is generated with d25 charges.[3] The can may be recharged; see Charging#Can of grease for more details. The can may also be used to untrap squeaky boards.


Message Reason
"You cover your <item> with a thick layer of grease." You applied the can to <item>
"The <monster> grabs you, but cannot hold onto your greased <armor>!" You were protected from a grabbing attack
"The grease wears off." A piece of armor is no longer greased
"Some of the grease gets all over your hands." You greased an item
The can of grease was cursed

Your fingers are now slippery

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