) Bullwhip.png
Name bullwhip
Appearance bullwhip
Damage vs. small 1d2
Damage vs. large 1
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill whip
Size one-handed
Cost 4 zm
Weight 20
Material leather

A bullwhip is a kind of weapon. In addition to its obvious uses, it can be applied to grab weapons out of enemies' hands.

Bullwhips are ineffective against thick-skinned monsters.

Archeologists start with a +2 bullwhip.[1] This is a reference to the Indiana Jones movies of Lucas and Spielberg.

The demon balrogs are always generated with a bullwhip, and can steal your weapon with it.


A bullwhip can be applied to snap it in a direction. This can allow you to perform a number of special tricks[2]:

  • Wrap around furniture, a boulder, or a large monster to pull yourself out of a pit.
  • Disarm an enemy. Their weapon may end up on the floor at their feet, on the floor at your feet, or in your inventory depending on a "proficiency check". This does not reduce tameness if the target is a pet, and it does not break weaponless conduct if the target is wielding a weapon. It will anger a peaceful monster, so using a bullwhip to grab the Minetown Watch captain's silver saber is probably a Bad Idea unless you're sure you can escape him quickly.
  • Pick an item up off the floor when you are riding a steed or levitating.
  • Attack a monster normally.
  • Fish an item out of a pool below you.

Your actual skill with the whip is irrelevant to the success of these tricks, instead proficiency is approximated based on your dexterity, whether you are an archaeologist, and whether you are fumbling. Whip tricks will always fail unless you are proficient (an archaeologist or dex > 14).

Whip skill[]

Max Role

Both bullwhips and rubber hoses use the whip skill. There are no artifact whips.