A bug is a problem in NetHack's source code. There are two lists of bugs provided by the DevTeam: one for nonspoiler bugs and one for spoiler bugs.

Status table[]

Status Description
Open The bug is unresolved, but the DevTeam knows what they need to do about it.
Not a bug Sometimes people think this is a bug, but they're wrong.
fixed The bug will be fixed in the next bug-fix release.
Fixed The bug will be fixed in a future release.
Help The DevTeam does not know what is causing this and would appreciate related bug reports.
Superseded See another entry for information on this bug.

Core bugs[]

Last updated: 2010-07-26

Name Status Description
C341-1 Fixed Monsters affected by stinking cloud always get angry at the hero even if the hero did not create the cloud. This is possible in bones levels.
C341-4 Fixed opthelp does not list use_inverse
C341-5 Fixed When you see your pet move, the pet may be referred to as "it".
C341-7 Fixed Skilled or expert caster of fireball/cone of cold can't target a monster known only by infravision or ESP.
C341-10 Fixed Fruit names ending in "us" are incorrectly considered plural.
C341-18 Fixed ki-rins and couatls can wear (and may have) armor.
C342-12 Fixed There are a number of places that misuse "your".
C342-13 Fixed Hangup can cause loss of objects being moved internally.
C342-16 Fixed If you self-genocide while polymorphed, the death message makes no sense.
C342-19 Fixed Things that can kill you in the future (like stoning) can cause messages to show up out of order.
C342-22 Fixed Monsters can hide under cockatrice corpses without getting stoned.
C342-31 Open You can get a message telling you a monster wields a weapon it already was wielding.
C342-36 Fixed If unable to see yourself while invisible and you are bestowed a spellbook, it doesn't show up on the display.
C342-46 fixed Cleric cast lightning doesn't blind as other lightning does.
C342-50 Fixed If you're hiding on the ceiling and try to #sit, you automatically unhide.
C342-51 Fixed The game thinks trappers hide on the ceiling.
C342-54 Fixed Statues of unique monsters in bones files are not handled correctly.
C343-1 fixed At a pit the game can give messages with poor grammar.
C343-2 fixed Wielded silver arrows don't cause silver damage on some silver-haters.
C343-3 fixed In the ranger quest, monsters can end up off the map to the left.
C343-4 fixed On the Rogue level, tunnelling through rock doesn't leave a passage.
C343-5 fixed In wizard mode, level teleport in the endgame can cause a crash if confused.
C343-6 fixed You can #sit on an object at the bottom of a pit that you are not in.
C343-7 fixed When a steed pushes a boulder into a pool, the message misuses "you".
C343-8 fixed Plural of Nazgul is Nazgul - not Nazguls.
C343-9 fixed Trap messages referring to a named steed when hallucinating are poorly worded.
C343-10 fixed If there is a corpse in a pit, you have to enter the pit to pick it up but not to eat it.
C343-11 fixed If you ask for help ('?') at a "what direction" prompt, you don't get to enter a direction afterward if the cmdassist option is set.
C343-12 fixed You can't use '>' to enter a pit.
C343-13 fixed On polymorph, you can get the message "It turns into it".
C343-14 fixed The initial and any tombstone message resulting from eating an identified artifact is gramatically incorrect.
C343-15 fixed You can get a message that an invisible monster looks much better.
C343-16 fixed Player polymorphed as a xorn can't pick up items in pits.
C343-17 fixed After polymorphing into a xorn and returning to human form, player can be stuck in a pit that isn't there.
C343-18 fixed Scaring a mimicing mimic gives an incorrect "turns to flee" message.
C343-19 fixed Dipping acid in a fountain may not destroy the acid.
C343-20 Open When dying immediately on entering a level, the map may show you dying on the previous level.
C343-21 Open Pets can be pulled through closed doors with a leash.
C343-22 Open You can untrap a monster in a pit while levitating.
C343-23 Help Dungeon collapses after vault guard fails to lead you out.
C343-24 Fixed Documented default for option "null" is "off"; default is actually "on".
C343-25 Fixed You can trip over a cockatrice corpse safely.
C343-26 Fixed A frozen swamp may be called a moat.
C343-27 Fixed Kicked objects do not slide properly on air or water levels.
C343-28 fixed There are several places that can't tell the diffence between a "hat" and a "helmet."
C343-29 fixed When taking things out of a bag of holding, messages may say "lifting" instead of "removing."
C343-30 fixed Cursed scroll of destroy armor on cursed armor doesn't always interact correctly.
C343-31 fixed If you hit a cockatrice with a weapon that breaks, you can be stoned.
C343-32 Fixed When blind and levitating, the hero can still discover stairs.
C343-33 Fixed Sometimes a monster may remain hidden under a corpse that has rotted away.
C343-34 Fixed Mimics on the rogue level may try to mimic a closed door.
C343-35 fixed Polymorphed or shapechanged monsters may get the wrong number of hit points. On polymorph, the ration HP / max HP is preserved, perhaps this bug refers to rounding errors.
C343-36 fixed Weight of corpses on special levels may not be calculated correctly. This also goes for statues, e.g. the Oracle centaur statues.
C343-37 Fixed Mimics may mimic a boulder over a pit or hole.
C343-38 Open Dismounting and kicking a monster that jumps may result in landing on the wrong side of a wall.
C343-39 fixed Restoring a game where the character is wielding Sting may result in temporary display errors during the restore process.
C343-40 fixed Monster thrusting one of multiple wielded daggers gives misleading message.
C343-41 fixed A rolling boulder falling into a pit you can't see only makes a sound if the hero is blind.
C343-42 fixed If a fire trap melts ice, it may trigger twice in the same turn.
C343-43 Fixed An invisible troll that revives may be shown until it moves.
C343-44 fixed Shopkeepers, doors, and traps interact oddly.
C343-45 fixed Dropping the corpse of a unique monster without a personal name down the stairs gives a badly formed response.
C343-46 fixed Breaking up a boulder or statue can result in pieces that are described incorrectly.
C343-47 fixed Monster and hero have different odds to err when throwing a greased weapon.
C343-48 fixed Killing your pet doesn't get you any experience when it should.
C343-49 fixed The boulder does not show up in a bones file caused by death by rolling boulder.
C343-50 fixed A sleeping steed may answer a #chat.
C343-51 fixed Luck's effect on random events isn't always as intended. Several beneficial events are most likely with Luck=7, not maximum Luck.
C343-52 fixed Worn or wielded objects destroyed by dipping into lit potions of oil are not handled properly; this can result in odd game behavior.
C343-53 fixed If a shopkeeper is trapped adjacent to the door, the game may get confused and issue impossible or panic messages.
C343-54 fixed "Ulch" cannibalism message grammar is poor.
C343-55 fixed "Ulch" messages have inconsistent capitalization.
C343-56 fixed Gas spores can't attack while hero is praying.
C343-57 fixed #enhance command descriptions in Guidebook and game do not match.
C343-58 fixed #conduct command description grammar is poor
C343-59 fixed Engulfer stoned swallowing hero polymorphed to cockatrice causes incorrect screen display. If hero has ball & chain, game can panic.
C343-60 fixed Several messages delivered when hero's fingers are slippery have poor grammar.
C343-61 fixed Using a WIZKIT including the quest artifact will crash the game at startup.
C343-62 fixed Riding into a magic portal gives an extra, useless message.
C343-63 fixed You can drink from a sink, fountain, or while underwater while swallowed. In a similar vein, #praying on a cross-aligned altar also works.
C343-64 fixed A black light leaves an hallucinated corpse while exploding.
C343-65 fixed A monster that "shrieks in pain" may not awaken others nearby.
C343-66 fixed Co-aligned unicorns in a bones file may be hostile.
C343-67 fixed Finding a statue when searching while blind doesn't update map.
C343-68 fixed Incorrect message may be given when a spellcasting monster summons other monsters.
C343-69 fixed Attempting to add more candles than needed to a candelabrum with at least one candle gives an incorrect message.
C343-70 fixed Experience may not be correctly gained for monsters causing nonphysical damage. "Difficult" attacks it possesses make a monster worth more experience, but the way these bonus points are calculated underrates physical damage.
C343-71 Fixed When swapping places with a pet pushes it into a trap, the messages are out of order.
C343-72 Fixed You get confusing messages when you stop levitating while on a flying steed.
C343-73 fixed Trying to kick a monster on a level forbidding teleport may give a bogus "teleports" message.
C343-74 fixed Entering a long running, uninterruptible command (e. g. engraving) after stoning starts will kill you.
C343-75 fixed Eating Medusa's corpse may not work properly.
C343-76 fixed A tin of Medusa meat isn't warned about properly.
C343-77 fixed Some messages referring to monsters that look like horses refer to claws.
C343-78 fixed Digging in an existing hole charges you for the time it takes to dig the whole hole.
C343-79 fixed "Mr." or "Ms." may show up in front of names when it should not.
C343-80 fixed Tame monsters with multiple attacks may allow themselves to be killed through passive attacks.
C343-81 fixed Ghosts can be slimed.
C343-82 fixed Land mine explosion on a drawbridge doesn't work right.
C343-83 fixed An eating pet will miss out on ascension.
C343-84 fixed "finally finished" may be displayed when not eating.
C343-85 fixed Sometimes the hero can't move when conscious.
C343-86 fixed Hero can appear to be in the wall after destroying a drawbridge.
C343-87 fixed Sometimes shop items the hero is forced to buy can be sold twice.
C343-88 fixed Polymorphing a statue into a boulder can leave an incorrect display.
C343-89 Fixed Unpaid objects damaged or improved in shops are not accounted for properly.
C343-90 fixed "I u" with only one item unpaid lists the price twice.
C343-91 fixed Auto-cursing armor does not do so when worn by monster.
C343-92 fixed A blind player may find a trap which then fails to show up on the map.
C343-93 fixed Astral vision can confuse the ; command.
C343-94 fixed Probing a re-animated statue may cause a panic.
C343-95 fixed If killed by the wish from a magic lamp (or similar situation) and a bones file is produced, the bones file has the lamp in the wrong state.
C343-96 fixed If player aborts "In what direction?" question, prompt may remain displayed.
C343-97 fixed ^R and ^L don't work in numberpad mode
C343-98 fixed Chatting with quest leader brought back from the dead doesn't work.
C343-99 fixed Hero can still see for brief period after being blinded by potion vapors.
C343-100 fixed Game may crash if thrown potion hits bars before a monster.
C343-101 fixed The hero can see some things while asleep.
C343-102 Open Messages delivered when the ceiling collapses on a swallowed hero need revision.
C343-103 fixed The hero is not protected from a mind flayer during successful prayer.
C343-104 fixed Message from angry shopkeeper giving a price when hero picks up an object has poor spacing and construction.
C343-105 Not a bug Message given when restoring a game refers to original gender and form, not current.
C343-106 fixed Sunsword continues to glow after its wielder dies.
C343-107 fixed Killing your own steed never leaves a corpse.
C343-108 Open Entering "e-" does not remove the prompt.
C343-109 fixed There is a grammar error in the Tourist leader's greeting.
C343-110 fixed Game can crash if shopkeeper dies while character is praying.
C343-111 fixed Grammar of some graveyard sounds messages is wrong in some cases.
C343-112 fixed Hero and monster afflicted with lycanthropy are treated differently.
C343-113 fixed When flying down a hole or a ladder, the messages are inaccurate.
C343-114 fixed Removing some but not all the boulders from a location confuses the vision system.
C343-115 fixed Sleeping or paralyzed unicorns can catch gems.
C343-116 fixed Grammar error in messages related to choking on gold.
C343-117 Fixed Gaining and losing levels in normal and monster form do not balance.
C343-118 fixed Some messages use "mirror" where they should use "looking glass."
C343-119 fixed Options IBMgraphics, DECgraphics, and MACgraphics interact oddly in the config file, resulting in odd listings from the O command.
C343-120 Not a bug There is no warning when hitting floating eyes.
C343-121 Fixed Eating various brains which should have special handling, don't.
C343-122 fixed Alignment of Angels is not handled consistently.
C343-123 Fixed Plural of "mother-in-law" is incorrect.
C343-124 fixed You can't rub a touchstone on gold.
C343-125 fixed Killing a vault guard outside a vault gives incorrect feedback.
C343-126 fixed When wielding Grayswandir, feedback from a trapped chest may be wrong.
C343-127 fixed If a vault guard leads the hero to gold in the rock, inappropriate feedback is given.
C343-128 Fixed Feedback for gas spore explosion when hallucinating could be improved.
C343-129 Fixed Cancelling objects in or near a shop doorway may make the shopkeeper think you are a thief.
C343-130 fixed Sometimes you can't rub an arbitrary object on a touchstone. Perhaps this refers to the fact you cannot check for kicking boots and gauntlets of power once the touchstone has been formally identified.
C343-131 fixed Message has poor grammar if hero killed when stealing cockatrice corpse from a monster.
C343-132 fixed Message when death caused by kicking an object can be too verbose.
C343-133 Fixed Effects of varying consuming Medusa are inconsistent.
C343-134 Fixed Being petrified by swallowing a cockatrice violates foodless conduct.
C343-135 fixed Several quest messages are inappropriate if the hero is blind.
C343-136 fixed A samurai quest guardian message uses "ninja" where "ronin" is intended.
C343-137 fixed Demons may demand money from (and get paid by) a fainted hero.
C343-138 fixed Some spheres pick up objects and some don't.
C343-139 fixed There's no feedback when an unseen drawbridge opens or closes.
C343-140 Fixed Pets may continue eating after being paralyzed or falling asleep.
C343-141 fixed Running, searching, and resting should stop wnen levitation ends.
C343-142 Fixed Shopkeepers can be identified while hallucinating.
C343-143 Fixed Leprechauns stealing gold from a mounted hero cause oddly worded messages.
C343-144 fixed Creatures that can fit under doors can't fit through diagonal gaps.
C343-145 fixed Mattock is mishandled when forcing locks.
C343-146 fixed Unseen wand of striking becomes known if zapped by unseen monster and it hits a door.
C343-147 Fixed The game panics if a magic trap tames a monster that just expelled the hero.
C343-148 Fixed Changing locations while asleep lets you see objects or read engravings.
C343-149 Fixed Polymorphed spellbooks don't behave as intended. If the spell wasn't present in the spellcasting Z menu when you read the book, it is never blanked, regardless how many times it was already polymorphed. This bug also affects spells forgotten due to a blessed scroll of amnesia.
C343-150 fixed Gender and/or size of some quest quest leaders and nemeses are wrong.
C343-151 fixed Monsters can teleport to or be created outside of legal area in special levels. Examples are xorns off the map in Sokoban or ghosts on the edge of the map of the Astral Plane.
C343-152 Fixed Using a cursed lamp while blind may give inappropriate messages.
C343-153 Fixed Player polymorphed into guardian naga spits the wrong kind of venom.
C343-154 fixed Candles are fireproof.
C343-155 Fixed Proper names may be incorrectly preceeded by "the" when hallucinating.
C343-156 Fixed Reading scrolls may give redundant feedback messages.
C343-157 fixed Worms don't have scales.
C343-158 fixed Krakens have tentacles.
C343-159 fixed Stalkers have a head.
C343-160 fixed Name "leather spellbook" is misleading.
C343-161 Fixed A scroll of charging that has disappeared may still show in the list of things to charge.
C343-162 fixed Using Magicbane may cause an ungrammatical message.
C343-163 fixed Antholes are mispopulated under some conditions.
C343-164 fixed Cancelled nurses may give inappropriate messages.
C343-165 Fixed Scroll of mail can be abused slightly. Perhaps this refers to the fact shopkeepers will eventually start charging for mail if you pick up enough of them.
C343-166 fixed Pits dug in vault guard's corridor don't get removed.
C343-167 Fixed Length of time swallowed is sometimes calculated incorrectly.
C343-168 fixed Shattering a monster's weapon doesn't work right if the weapon is part of a stack of more than one.
C343-169 Fixed Autopickup fails during a failed untrap attempt.
C343-170 Fixed Damage by silver weapons is sometimes higher than intended when hero is polymorphed. Perhaps this refers to the fact players hit multiple times with the same weapon if polymorphed into a form with several weapon attacks, e. g. Aleax or marithlith.
C343-171 Fixed Silver weapon damage message is sometimes missing when hero is polymorphed.
C343-172 fixed Crash could occur when monster uses potion or food to cure stoning or confusion.
C343-173 fixed Monster eating lizard corpse is not handled correctly.
C343-174 fixed Drum of earthquake gives inappropriate message if hero or monster is in a pit.
C343-175 fixed Chatting to hostile prisoners may give an inappropriate message.
C343-176 fixed Disintegration breath hitting equipment carried by monsters is not handled properly; if the monster life-saves the situation is worse; saddles are especially troublesome.
C343-177 fixed First false rumor is displayed as gibberish on some platforms.
C343-178 fixed Wisdom is mishandled when rumors are used for random graffiti.
C343-179 fixed If a monster is killed by a drawbridge while carrying a potion of acid, the game may panic.
C343-180 fixed In an obscure case on special levels, troll corpses may fail to revive and lizard corpses may revive.
C343-181 Fixed The hero is welcomed to Delphi even if the Oracle was previously angered.
C343-182 fixed Putting on the Eyes of the Overworld while blind gives an ungrammatical message.
C343-183 fixed Jumping over an already seen trap may give an ungrammatical message.
C343-184 Open Levitation via worn equipment is not implemented for monsters.
C343-185 fixed No message is generated when attempting to name a monster that cannot be named by the player.
C343-186 fixed Some messages referring to "priestess" say "priest."
C343-187 Fixed Meditating monsters continue meditating when affected by something which wakes sleeping monsters.
C343-188 fixed Specifying role and/or race and an invalid alignment in NETHACKOPTIONS or config file causes a misleading message.
C343-189 fixed Temple donations and protection lost to gremlin attack interact incorrectly. Specifically, a gremlin steals only the effectiveness of divine protection, not the amount.
C343-190 Fixed Monsters can hide while trapped or holding the hero.
C343-191 fixed When an unseen monster forces a polymorphed hero out of hiding, feedback is insufficient.
C343-192 fixed If invocation is performed while hero is trapped, hero remains trapped.
C343-193 Fixed Polymorphed hero can fall into water once and crawl out twice.
C343-194 Fixed Saving and restoring a game while punished and swallowed sometimes loses the ball and chain.
C343-195 Fixed Glass wand thrown and broken in a shop is not charged for.
C343-196 Fixed Wielded light source may get missed by rust trap.
C343-197 fixed Attacking a hidden monster sensed via ongoing monster detection is interrupted inapropropriately.
C343-198 fixed Playing in a 20 or 21 line window can cause the game to crash.
C343-199 fixed The database entry for "monk" has a typo.
C343-200 fixed In the quest, it's possible to accidently skip the locate level, e. g. by falling down a hole several levels.
C343-201 fixed Phrasing of message when one monster attacks another with stacked weapons is odd.
C343-202 Fixed Pushing a boulder onto a level teleporter trap could cause repeated messages.
C343-203 fixed Hero arriving on a very crowded level may land on a monster causing game state corruption and possibly a crash.
C343-204 Fixed Hero grabbed or engulfed due to conflict should be released when conflict ends.
C343-205 Fixed Changes in hallucination state are not reflected properly when also mimicing.
C343-206 fixed Divine gifts resulting from #offer are identified when blind.
C343-207 fixed Certain items that should never be created in Gehennom can be created there.
C343-208 fixed Hero can be blinded while fainted.
C343-210 fixed Hero can "feel a bit steadier" while unconscious.
C343-211 fixed Engraving under water gives a poorly worded message.
C343-212 fixed If the hero is killed by a thrown potion of burning oil, the game will panic.
C343-213 fixed Display of stinking cloud may be incorrect when wearing Eyes of the Overworld.
C343-214 fixed Monster escaping by changing levels in the wizard tower may end up outside the tower too easily.
C343-215 fixed Elbereth is sometimes ignored by monsters.
C343-216 fixed Fireproof containers catch fire in lava.
C343-217 Fixed Missile which kills engulfer is temporarily lost when hero is expelled.
C343-218 fixed Applying a wielded cream pie can crash the game. This generalizes to wielded objects being destroyed.
C343-219 fixed Hero can die due to "burned by burning" or "drowned by drowning."
C343-220 Fixed Eating a Rider corpse doesn't work quite right.
C343-221 Fixed Jabberwoks do not always wake up when they should.
C343-222 Fixed It's possible to end up wielding a cockatrice corpse when no longer polymorphed.
C343-223 fixed Hidden pet can follow hero down stairs, remain hiding and show up as hidden monster. Also can happen with a magic whistle.
C343-224 fixed Carrying too many items creates uselessly long prompts.
C343-225 fixed Hero can sometimes carry too many boulders.
C343-226 Fixed Inventory display doesn't mention unpaid items in a container the hero owns.
C343-227 fixed Container dropped in a shop then moved to an untended shop behaves oddly.
C343-228 fixed Cloak of magic resistance is active when it shouldn't be.
C343-229 Fixed Hero can dip or apply grease to a worn item that is covered by another worn item.
C343-230 fixed Drawbridges act differently depending on which direction they are pointing.
C343-231 fixed Time is distorted while sinking into lava.
C343-232 fixed Hero can be slimed while in lava.
C343-233 fixed Hero polymorphed into Quantum Mechanic may get erroneous messages about disappearing monsters.
C343-234 Fixed Sacrifice on an altar can have unintended consequences. Perhaps this refers to the fact the corpse of a former pet does not vanish.
C343-235 fixed Casting spell of protection gives incorrect message if hero is swallowed or in rock.
C343-236 fixed Engraving works in places it shouldn't.
C343-237 Fixed The relationship between crossbow use and strength is wrong.
C343-238 fixed (Unix and VMS only) The "Who are you?" prompt does not accept digits in the response.
C343-239 fixed Engravings can transfer between a moat and a drawbridge.
C343-240 fixed Hero can create a pit in air.
C343-241 Fixed Hero is not charged for breaking the lock on a container owned by a shop.
C343-242 fixed Shopkeepers and priests avoid graves when they should not.
C343-243 fixed Hero can throw without hands.
C343-244 fixed Sometimes you can eat artifacts you can't touch with your hands.
C343-245 fixed Hero trying to kick beyond map edge is handled improperly.
C343-246 fixed Engraving with an empty wand handles time wrong.
C343-247 fixed A magic portal may be deactivated if the game is saved due to hangup while changing levels.
C343-248 fixed You can't put candles in a candelabrum while underwater.
C343-249 fixed There are a number of errors handling vomit; and real rats can't vomit.
C343-250 Open Rust-causing targets can reveal other information about a weapon.
C343-251 fixed Monsters sleeping due to being hit may wake up at the wrong time.
C343-252 fixed There is a typo in the quote from "The Count of Monte Cristo."
C343-253 fixed Choking on certain food items doesn't work properly.
C343-254 fixed Shapechanger's don't take advantage of being mimics or hiders.
C343-255 fixed Tinning on a full level fails improperly.
C343-256 fixed Very very very long messages can cause a crash.
C343-257 fixed Cursed corpses wielded by monsters are not handled properly. Perhaps this refers to the fact wielded items are always dropped when a monster polymorphs.
C343-258 fixed Grammar error in samurai quest: "wakarimasu?" instead of "wakarimasu ka?"
C343-259 fixed "Dr. Dolittle" is spelled incorrectly.
C343-260 fixed Ridden steeds are sometimes immune to gas traps.
C343-261 Fixed Sleeping steeds can jump.
C343-262 fixed Polyporph mis-handles a used and wielded leash.
C343-263 Fixed Probing may miss Schroedinger's cat. The cat is created only when the container is opened, but should be when it is observed.
C343-264 fixed "You must drop your weapon" may appear when it should not.
C343-265 fixed Force may work when hero can't reach lock being forced.
C343-266 fixed Hero on drawbridge when it's destroyed is not handled properly.
C343-267 fixed Game says monster speed changes even if monster can't move at all.
C343-268 fixed Used up potion of acid may end up in bones file.
C343-269 fixed Bones file created after hero dies outside shop may mis-handle items.
C343-270 fixed Dying in a shop while wielding two weapons may cause a warning message.
C343-271 fixed Pet messages at the very end of the game may appear in the wrong place.
C343-272 fixed Corrupted score file can crash the game.
C343-273 Fixed Changing alignment and held artifacts interact incorrectly. E. g. you still enjoy the when-carried benefits of artifacts you could not pick up due to your current alignment.
C343-274 fixed Odd message when attempting to apply a wielded towel.
C343-275 fixed If a lit, wielded, candle or potion of oil burns out, the game may crash.
C343-276 fixed If a figuring auto-transforms while wielded or worn, the game may crash.
C343-277 Fixed Wooden weapons don't always burn when they should.
C343-278 fixed Quest leaders are too likely to be affected by traps.
C343-279 Fixed Kicked arrows may get wrong bonuses.
C343-280 Fixed Ranged polearm attack doesn't always work properly.
C343-281 Fixed Kicking shop-owned food is not always accounted for correctly.
C343-282 Fixed Damage calculation may be wrong when hero is polymorphed into a pudding.
C343-283 fixed Long walks take a non-optimial path.
C343-284 Fixed Activating a shop-owned figurine sometimes don't entail shop charges.
C343-285 Fixed Water elementals can be trapped in a bear trap.
C343-286 Fixed Polymorph and lycanthropy do not interact properly.
C343-287 fixed Hero polymorphed into monster with kick attack doesn't get bonus from ring of increase damage when kicking.
C343-288 Fixed The message "a monster appears" can show up when multiple monsters appear.
C343-289 fixed If magical removal of a steed's saddle is fatal to the hero, the saddle may still be on the steed in a bones file.
C343-290 fixed Rings do not show up in the "what do you want to charge?" prompt when they should.
C343-291 Fixed Backstab bonus interacts incorrectly with thrown weapons and two-weapon mode. Two-weapon does not get backstab at all while each fired weapon does individually.
C343-292 Fixed Touching a pile of objects while blind does not always work correctly.
C343-293 Fixed There are a number of errors changing words between singular and plural forms.
C343-294 fixed Orcs and gnomes do not respond to #chat when they should.
C343-295 fixed Casting stone-to-flesh on self while wielding a figurine can cause the game to panic.
C343-296 Fixed Sunsword doesn't work as expected against shades.
C343-297 fixed Lit potion may survive hero dying from splattered oil burning on the floor.
C343-298 fixed Kicking at "empty space" uses no time.
C343-299 fixed Killing tame engulfer from inside gives a warning message.
C343-300 Fixed Amulet of strangulation may kill forms that can't be strangled.
C343-301 fixed Nymphs can steal things they can't pick up.
C343-302 fixed Amnesia of object discoveries may forget to forget one thing.
C343-303 Fixed Gem probabilities are not reset properly on level revisit.
C343-304 Fixed Message given when damaging a closed drawbridge may refer to a wall.
C343-305 Fixed Attacking with an applied polearm ignores the "confirm" option.
C343-306 Fixed Engulfer under influence of conflict or confusion can swallow a monster and not be affected by water/lava/trap under monster until next turn.
C343-307 Fixed Unicorn horn interacts incorrectly with ring of sustain ability.
C343-308 Fixed A hidden, dead monster can revive hidden under its own corpse.
C343-309 Fixed Droppinng Heart of Ahriman may give odd message sequence.
C343-310 Fixed Applying an unpaid stack of potions of oil forces hero to buy all of them.
C343-311 Fixed Price of unpack shop items may change when hero is forced to buy.
C343-312 Fixed Monster can attack with a polearm it was unable to wield.
C343-313 Fixed "You trip over it" may appear even after you know what "it" is.
C343-314 Fixed Drowning on the Plane of Water lists cause of death as "drowned in a moat."
C343-315 fixed Small monsters dropping items due to weight use the wrong weights.
C343-316 fixed Monsters who shouldn't will attack the Wizard to get the Amulet.See also SC343-19.
C343-317 Fixed Bones data can contain odd characters from player's dogname, catname, or fruit options; this can cause odd terminal-dependent behavior.
C343-318 fixed Opening or closing the castle drawbridge using music takes no time.
C343-319 Fixed Grid bugs can be forced to move diagonally, e. g. by displacing a tame one.
C343-320 Fixed Reading scroll of mail break illiterate conduct.
C343-321 Fixed Hero and monsters can walk through a long worm's tail diagonally.
C343-322 Fixed Forced attack on a boulder says "you attack thin air."
C343-323 Fixed Objects dropped as a monster dies don't interact properly with the environment. See also #362.
C343-324 fixed Cutting a long worm in two will crash the game if the cut takes the worm to 1 HP or if long worms had become extinct.
C343-325 Fixed Hole in ice may be described as a "moat."
C343-326 Fixed Open and close commands may give inappropriate feedback near a drawbridge.
C343-327 fixed Message "suddenly you cannot see the" monster can be displayed when the monster remains visible for some reason.
C343-328 Fixed Messages when opening a tin may imply implausible timing.
C343-329 fixed A just-dead monster may still claim to be fleeing.
C343-330 Fixed Wrong message may be delivered when seeing a pet eating.
C343-331 Open Sleeping monster reacts to a mirror.
C343-332 Fixed The message given when multiple potions of acid explode refers to a single potion.
C343-333 fixed Vault guard asks hero's name while hero is engulfed.
C343-334 Fixed Defining GOLDOBJ drops a slot from the inventory.
C343-335 fixed Cloak of invisibility and blindness do not interact reasonably.
C343-336 Fixed A shapechanger starting out in changed form gets incorrect inventory items. Specifically, they get items appropriate for their polymorphed form.
C343-337 Fixed It's possible to create an object of 0 gold pieces.
C343-338 Fixed Wizard-mode command sanity_check misses nested containers and migrating monsters.
C343-339 Fixed Screen and time are not always updated properly when opening or closing doors while blind.
C343-340 Fixed Secret door detection does not interact properly with features of the Planes of Water and Air.
C343-341 Open In minetown, it's possible to teleport into a room that requires digging to escape from.
C343-342 Fixed Potion thrown by monster which hits long worm's tail says it hit its tail.
C343-343 Fixed Helm of Opposite alignment gives incorrect piety level. Currently, you retain your alignment record, e. g. it is possible to gain alignment for robbing a shop while chaotic and calming the shopkeeper while lawful.
C343-344 fixed NetHack thinks jellyfish have heads.
C343-345 fixed Attempting to remove cursed lenses gives a message with poor grammar.
C343-346 Fixed Attempting to put on some items when the item is already wielded or quivered and failing for a variety of reasons gives a message with poor grammar.
C343-347 Fixed Picking up and wearing an unknown ring while blind sometimes gives out too much information.
C343-348 Fixed Exercise before polymorph may affect polymorphed character.
C343-349 Fixed An identify scroll is wasted if space is typed and steps off the end of the inventory list.
C343-350 Fixed Eels don't hide when they are supposed to.
C343-351 fixed Alchemy-caused explosions don't wake nearby monsters.
C343-352 fixed Secret doors in lit walls don't always display properly.
C343-353 Fixed Aborting key or lock pick with escape uses a turn.
C343-354 Fixed Probing while engulfed ignores the fact that the hero is in the monster.
C343-355 fixed Archeologists start out at basic skill level in sling. This is a side effect of their touchstone, which is considered sling ammunition.
C343-356 Fixed Wearing an amulet of restful sleep confuses internal sleep state bookkeeping. Perhaps related is the fact you can cure instrinsic restful sleep (from eating the amulet) by putting on and removing an amulet of restful sleep.
C343-357 Open Rust monsters may chew non-ferrous items.
C343-358 Fixed If no co-aligned artifacts are available for gifting when required, gifting fails repeatedly. For example, this can mean trouble for elven priests who have named Sting and Orcrist in hopes of getting Stormbringer as their first sacrifice gift.
C343-359 fixed Setting the fruit name fails if the new name is already known but happens to be not at the end of an internal list.
C343-360 fixed A monster wearing a suit can still put on a shirt.
C343-361 Fixed The message "you feel shuddering vibrations" does not always get displayed when it should.
C343-362 Fixed Objects dropped during polymorph may be incorrectly polymorphed.
C343-363 Fixed The case of monsters eating green slime corpses is not handled correctly.
C343-364 Fixed If player's hand slips while naming an object, 'z' is never picked as the new letter.
C343-365 Fixed Hero may remove armor for nymph or succubus while asleep.
C343-366 Fixed Concealed mimic not always revealed when it should be.
C343-367 Fixed Fainting with a wielded cockatrice corpse doesn't behave as expected.
C343-368 Fixed Blinded hero knows too much about a monster summoning insects.
C343-369 fixed Mounted hero on life-saved steed gets repeated warning messages until hero dismounts.
C343-370 Open Travel (_) command can get stuck trying to plot a path past an interesting dungeon feature, for example, a trap or fountain.
C343-371 Fixed Stethoscopes can sometimes be used more often than intended. Specifically, if you save and resume, you can use it for free again.
C343-372 Fixed A fatal explosion can give the player messages in the wrong order if carried items are destroyed.
C343-373 Fixed Shopkeepers can polymorph into forms that don't let them do their jobs.
C343-374 Fixed When ploymorphed into a grid bug, attempting to move in an illegal direction is handled ungracefully.
C343-375 Fixed A mimic posing as a statue is not handled properly.
C343-376 fixed When trying to move down, Hero can be levitating and stuck in the floor at the same time.
C343-377 Fixed Hero hidden from monster is still treated as a normal target for range attack.
C343-378 Fixed Hero hiding as a small mimic can end up stuck to a monster after returning to human form.
C343-379 Fixed Spelling errors "sprit" and "truely" in quest text.
C343-380 fixed Mimics pretending to be doors show up on the Rogue level.
C343-381 Fixed Attacking by applying a polearm doesn't scuff engraving under hero.
C343-382 Fixed Auto-wielding a polearm may take no time.
C343-383 Fixed Applying a bullwhip while hero is at edge of map may cause a panic or crash.
C343-384 fixed Cutting a level 0 long worm in half may lead to a worm with 0 HP, which may cause a crash.
C343-385 Fixed D command doesn't handle u choice correctly if only unpaid items are inside containers.
C343-386 Fixed Pearl rings can rust.
C343-387 Fixed T-shirts can be read when covered.
C343-388 Fixed Spell damage and low intelligence interact incorrectly.
C343-389 Fixed Dragon breath and certain other effects hitting a hidden secret door does not damage it.
C343-390 Fixed Breaking a wand which may zap but not damage a door gives an odd message.
C343-391 fixed Hero polymorphed into a mimic with #monster and hiding as an object does not unhide when polymorphing into a non-mimic.
C343-392 Fixed A stunned monster may both walk away from the hero and keep holding him.
C343-393 Fixed The messages produced when throwing a poisoned weapon which loses its poison are in a confusing order.
C343-394 fixed Throwing a potion of acid into water may panic the game.
C343-395 Not a bug Spelling errors at the genocide prompt may have unintended consequences. Specifically, genociding "master mindflayer" as a monk is fatal.
C343-396 Fixed Shopkeeper does not charge hero for an unsold boulder that is destroyed with a pick-axe.
C343-397 fixed A badly formed message may be produced if a pick-axe is applied to a boulder and the boulder is removed by a monster.
C343-398 fixed The game may crash if a wielded potion of polymorph is drunk.
C343-399 fixed Messages referring to a named vault gaurd have grammatical errors.
C343-400 Fixed Wearing a cloak of displacement identifies it even if hero can't see.
C343-401 Fixed Wearing an elven cloak identifies it even if hero is already stealthy.
C343-402 Fixed Putting on a ring of stealth never identifies it.
C343-403 Fixed Hero can write a scroll not sufficiently identified.
C343-404 Fixed Writing a scroll can give a badly phrased message if the scroll is known by its appearance.
C343-405 Fixed Some quest artifacts are too easily affected by stone-to-flesh.

Spoiler core bugs[]

Name Status Description
SC342-3 Fixed Hangup can be used to cheat.
SC343-1 Fixed Monsters that can't blow can still use a whistle.
SC343-2 fixed If you are poison resistant, potions of sickness can only kill you if they are blessed.
SC343-3 fixed Water walking boots are not handled properly on lava.
SC343-4 Fixed Reviving corpses or reanimating statues in a shop does not get charged correctly.
SC343-5 fixed Breaking container contents in a shop doesn't always charge for them.
SC343-6 fixed Stealing a stack of items from a shop sometimes results in only being charged for one.
SC343-7 fixed Zapping an unknown wand while blind sometimes gives out too much information.
SC343-8 fixed Re-animating a statue containing gold produces too much gold.
SC343-9 Fixed Medusa corpse from a level file behaves incorrectly.
SC343-10 Fixed Player can raise HP and Pw by dancing with vampires. This is the infamous polyself bug.
SC343-11 fixed It's possible to easily find the identity of a high priest on the Astral plane. This is the infamous Astral call bug.
SC343-12 fixed Hero using telepathy can abuse Call on the Astral Plane.
SC343-13 Open While blind and levitating, too much information may be presented. Does this refer to messages about monsters scared by an Elbereth engraving?
SC343-14 Fixed Shopkeepers and priests may be teleported out of their shop or temple too easily.
SC343-15 Fixed Nurses are not stoned by hero polymorphed into cockatrice.
SC343-16 fixed Galatinous cubes can engulf Rider corpses.
SC343-17 Fixed Stethoscope may unhide hidden mimic.
SC343-18 fixed Escaping from lava can leave hero outside of time.
SC343-19 Fixed Monsters seeking the Amulet attack temple priests to get it.
SC343-20 fixed Hangup save while picking up gold in a shop may duplicate the gold.
SC343-21 fixed Accounting is incorrect for containers dropped in a shop that does not sell them.

Windows-only bugs[]

Name Status Description
W341-13 Fixed "Lock Windows" menu item has wrong checkmark at startup
W341-14 Fixed Message window does not update properly if resized.
W342-6 Not a bug Checkboxes are drawn wrong.
W343-1 fixed Redirecting score output through a pipe doesn't work.
W343-2 Not a bug Windows 98 is unable to load tiles that are too large. This is an OS issue.
W343-3 fixed Under the Polish version of Windows 2000 SP4, screen output with a raster font shows wrong characters for many dungeon features.
W343-4 fixed Keyboard may stop responding after locking or unlocking a door when using altkeyhandler=nhraykey.dll
W343-5 Fixed Error messages early in the game startup sequence may flash by unreadably.
W343-6 Fixed Attempting to start NetHack from within a zip utility doesn't work (this is not a bug) and gives a misleading error message (this is the bug).

X11-only bugs[]

Name Status Description
X343-1 fixed The scrollbar for a text window may be missing when needed.
X343-2 fixed use_inverse is broken in tty mode.
X343-3 fixed Sanity check for mouse position after window resize is wrong.

Macintosh-only bugs[]

Name Status Description
M343-1 fixed Release code does not build under Carbon.
M343-2 Open nethack-343-mac-term.pkg.sit only: "No write permission to lock perm!" error. Only happens on clean installs of 10.3.x (not upgraded systems). (See M343-3 for 10.4.)
M343-3 Open nethack-343-mac-term.pkg.sit only: "No write permission to lock perm!" error. Only happens on 10.4 (See M343-2 for 10.3.)
M343-4 Open In the Qt port, Command-Z crashes the game and prevents it from restarting.

Qt-only bugs[]

Name Status Description
Q341-1 Fixed Randomly generating characters doesn't always follow user requests.
Q341-3 Open [Mac only] q and / keys send additional characters when pressed.
Q343-1 Open Explore or debug mode only: ^X doesn't show the intrinsics screen.
Q343-2 fixed Saved games are not found if the game is built with the prefix option.

Windows-CE-only bugs[]

Name Status Description
CE343-1 Not a bug Attempting to load an alternative tile set fails.
CE343-2 fixed Help text windows close immediately.
CE343-3 fixed Action button points to wrong screen location.
CE343-4 fixed pocketpc: menu window closes if scrolled off top or bottom
CE343-5 fixed Input is translated when command helper is hidden.
CE343-6 fixed Text window does not scroll left on left arrow.

Build-from-source bugs[]

Name Status Description
S343-1 Open gnome port refers to file t32-1024.xpm for large tiles that doesn't exist
S343-2 fixed 1x1 room in special level can trigger panic due to off by one error (does not affect official room set)
S343-3 fixed makedefs may fail to compile if sizeof(time_t) != sizeof(long)
S343-4 fixed NetHack does not compile under Microsoft VC2005.
S343-5 fixed The prototype and definition for finish_map don't match properly.
S343-6 fixed Game does not compile under FreeBSD 6.1.
S343-7 fixed DLB doesn't work under VMS if a file used by NetHack and without a dot in its name matches a VMS logical name.
S343-8 fixed NetHack does not compile under Microsoft VS2008 Express Edition.
S343-9 Fixed If time_t changes from 32- to 64-bits due to (e.g.) compiler upgrades, save files will not be compatible between old and new builds.
S343-10 fixed Windows 64-bit mode compile produces warnings in random.c.
S343-11 fixed Smartphone keyboard does not work.

Bugs not mentioned on the DevTeam's website[]

Name Status Description
The hero can teleport on a non-teleport level: Get engulfed by a tame engulfer using conflict, end conflict, apply a magic whistle.
It is impossible to paste (e. g. "ElberethElbereth") into the windows tiles build. This works on OS X, however.
The game sometimes behaves as if a series of spurious non-attacking movement commands were typed after #looting a container.
Confused #looting a throne does not destroy it.
The "highlight_pet" option does not work on monsters only seen due to the monster detection spell.