Kcrescenzi Kcrescenzi 31 December 2013


How do I escape from your lair?

The upstairs is wrapped in WoD proof stone.

I have no pick, no shovel, no pointy bone.

No teleportation... wait... I do have teleportation. brb.

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Newskinsucks Newskinsucks 9 November 2010

things i wish i'd known

"The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything, it's never NetHack broken, it's just you don't understand the way it works."

  • you have to use "#name-y" in order to get the "your hand slips" message when trying to identify grey stones, helms or amulets. "#name-n" doesn't work, and the artefacts page explains why quite concisely.

  • the altar/prayer spoiler goes on about "co-aligned" a lot. it took me ages to realise that in the case of temples, this means that the priest is the same alignment as the altar, not the same alignment as me. this means that if you're standing next to a priest it only matters whether they're the same alignment as the altar, and whatever alignment that is you can donate and get your added protection. if you deserve it, of course. and…

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DemonSlayerThe3rd DemonSlayerThe3rd 2 November 2010

What the Hell is This???

Someone edited my page!!! That was not me I swear it! I would never say those things about myself! I am both offended and upset! I contacted an admin/mod on this. I hope they can see the edit history on it or something...

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DemonSlayerThe3rd DemonSlayerThe3rd 18 September 2010

Suggestion looked over.

If you look at the talk page about the corpses safe to eat issue, you'll notice I suggested something about the monster template. Tjr thought it is an exelent idea so we took this matter over to the talk page. now it's become quite a suggestion. Click on the link to look that the page.

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Feagradze Feagradze 5 July 2010

You see here a blessed scroll of YANI's

Some of my random ideas while playing. Have more, in my notes, soon as I can find them. Who knows. Maybe I'll write a patch some day.

  • 1 Dungeon
  • 2 Scrolls
  • 3 #burn
  • 4 Poor Man's Scrolls
  • 5 Wands
    • 5.1 Light
  • 6 Staves
    • 6.1 Naming
    • 6.2 Engraving

  • Scroll of light, blessed. Enchants a random piece of armor with 'lit' such that it gives off light as a candle. Stacks as though a number of candles, where a full set would create three squares of light.
  • Scroll of fire, confused. Cursed makes a hostile fire-loving monster. Uncursed makes a peaceful fire-loving monster. Blessed makes a tame fire-loving monster.

#burn command, to turn cloth items into a torch and provide a clue as to what it is, for certain types. Otherwise just makes finding a light source much less annoying for t…

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Feagradze Feagradze 4 July 2010

Tileset Ideas (Scratch)

Iron Golem

Metal looking.
Clay golem

Made of dirt.

Furry looking, but with metal caps on H ends.
Floating eye

Reflective looking blue (shiny)

Furry, possibly leather looking.

Leather looking, but grayscale.
Fire ant

Flaming looking
Giant ant

Brown and slimy looking.
Shocking sphere

Blue, electric look.

All of this assuming it'd actually let me set it for every last item, and isn't terribly limited in color selection. Think I can do better than most of those...

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Feagradze Feagradze 1 July 2010

Lasting Impressions of NetHack

You see here a blessed scroll labeled SEIROMEM DONF.

I've been playing NetHack for quite some time. Eight years, off and on, and indeed, the game is still yet older than I am. In fact, my first play was when I was only ten (or so) years old—at the time, I almost always starved to death, and could never seem to get past the first dungeon level. I was young, and at the time, had never seen a console program. I was still only just entering the grand field of computers, and had much to learn. I read the guidebook, but to no avail. I just could not figure a way, for the life of me, to get down the stairs. As I learned some five years later, after I had given up, NetHack is case sensitive. I pounded , desperate for my character's life, and in vai…

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DemonSlayerThe3rd DemonSlayerThe3rd 8 May 2010

Best Game I've had!

Well, so far this is the best game I've had, I have like 4 wands , 2 stolen from a shop, 2 kittens, Ellinis and Fellinip. I found some leather armor and gloves. I got tones of money, I actually found 101 on the ground. If you want to watch me I'm actually playing right now.

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AjbRad AjbRad 26 September 2009

First!! Blog post, that is

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