A black light will explode (permanently destroying the light) when you are adjacent to it, causing you to hallucinate, but causing no other damage. The hallucination will last for 10d12 turns. Pets are also affected, so it is well worth protecting especially strong pets from hallicinogenic phenomena. Monsters don't have a confusion timer. Instead, they have a 2% chance to recover on each of their moves.[1]

As black lights can't see invisible, if you are invisible or displaced, they may explode at an empty square with no hallucination effect to the player, but potentially to a pet in the square targeted.

The explosion of a black light will wake nearby sleeping monsters.

Strategy Edit

The best course of action is to put on a blindfold or towel and wait for it to explode, or to have a potion of full healing or a unicorn horn handy. In a large unlit area, such as is common in the Gnomish Mines, the presence of a black light can be detected as a moving but invisible source of illumination.

Encyclopedia entry Edit

Strange creatures formed from energy rather than matter,
lights are given to self-destructive behavior when battling


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