( Bell
Name bell
Appearance bell
Cost 50 zm
Weight 30

A bell is a musical instrument. It does not play notes; its function is to ring. Bells are often found on graves reading "Saved by the bell!"[1] All bells are generated uncursed.

Ringing a blessed or uncursed bell wakes monsters and calls pets. A cursed bell, however, has a 1/4 chance of summoning a nymph (she won't be carrying any items), assuming none of the nymphs are genocided or extinct. If a nymph is summoned, the bell has a 7% chance of breaking (the Bell of Opening never breaks). If the bell doesn't break, then with equal probability:

  • there may be no effect;
  • the summoned nymph may be fast; or
  • the player will be paralysed for 2 turns.[2]

Unlike horns, harps, and flutes, there are no randomly-generated magical bells. The only magical bell in the game is the Bell of Opening, which has the distinct appearance of "silver bell".

References Edit

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