Name banana
Cost 9 zm
Nutrition 80
Turns to eat 1
Weight 2
Conduct vegan

A banana is a kind of comestible. It is considered vegan food. It can be useful for training primates (any monster represented by Y) to steal from shops; however, it will not tame a non-tame Y in vanilla Nethack.

Encyclopaedia entry[edit | edit source]

He took another step and she cocked her right wrist in
viciously. She heard the spring click. Weight slapped into
her hand.
"Here!" she shrieked hysterically, and brought her arm up in
a hard sweep, meaning to gut him, leaving him to blunder
around the room with his intestines hanging out in steaming
loops. Instead he roared laughter, hands on his hips,
flaming face cocked back, squeezing and contorting with great
good humor.
"Oh, my dear!" he cried, and went off into another gale of
She looked stupidly down at her hand. It held a firm yellow
banana with a blue and white Chiquita sticker on it. She
dropped it, horrified, to the carpet, where it became a
sickly yellow grin, miming Flagg's own.
"You'll tell," he whispered. "Oh yes indeed you will."
And Dayna knew he was right.

[ The Stand, by Stephen King ]
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