Many things in NetHack are a Bad Idea, although that often only becomes apparent after your demise, which may well be YASD.

A few bad ideas include:

  • Genociding @
  • Blessed-genociding h, when playing a dwarf
  • Pasting stuff into Nethack unless you are sure what is in the clipboard.
  • Casting force bolt while in a shop.
  • Picking up items in shops while afflicted with teleportitis.
  • Teleporting the Riders' corpses.
  • Eating "just one more" giant corpse/royal jelly.
  • Eating old (rotten) corpses.
  • Strength training by overburdening yourself.
  • Wielding a cockatrice corpse while burdened and deciding to go down stairs.
  • Walking around with a cockatrice corpse wielded. Levitation is safe, as long as you don't pass over a sink.
  • Walking around while blind, without gloves. Note that if you press m before taking each step, your character will not attempt to feel the objects on the square where he or she is standing, making this a safer way to cross a square with a cockatrice or chickatrice corpse. A source of levitation is a more convenient way to deal with this problem.
  • Breaking a drawbridge while standing adjacent to it.
  • Reverse genociding dragons to make DSM before you're able to kill the dragons
  • Having your wand of wishing in your main inventory instead of a bag.
  • Putting a wand of cancellation, a bag of tricks, or another bag of holding into your bag of holding.
  • Sacrificing at a cross-aligned altar while having bad alignment record before the Quest is complete.
  • Killing a co-aligned unicorn, breaking a mirror, et cetera...
  • Killing a nymph with a force bolt or wand of striking (because of a nymph's high chance of having a mirror).
  • Killing the Wizard of Yendor before collecting seven candles for the invocation ritual.
  • Picking up non-identified gray stones (identification is done by first kicking and then rubbing the stone on an iron object).
  • Reading a scroll of genocide while confused.
  • Throwing your highly enchanted metal daggers at a metallivore.
  • Slowly engraving more than 1 letter of Elbereth at once while under attack.
  • Quickly engraving multiple Elbereths at once while under attack.
  • Using fountains and sinks before you can handle what they can spawn (moccasins and water demons for the former, incubi/succubi and puddings for the latter.)
  • Kicking doors when there is a store somewhere on the floor, even if the doors are locked. Note that a shopkeeper's locked door will always have the phrase "Closed for inventory" written in the square outside of the door. If you can pick the lock or have a key, the shopkeeper will not be angered if you unlock and enter the store.
  • Letting that monster hit you just one more time before you heal yourself.
  • Saving the game in the middle of a wish or genocide selection.
  • Attempting to mount a pony before leveling at least once.
  • Offering the corpse of a werecreature at an altar as a non-chaotic human character.
  • Eating werecreatures, particularly as a human.
  • Killing your quest leader.
  • Killing your quest guardians (probably).
  • Eating dogs or cats (or at least, you feel it was), unless a caveman or an orc.
  • Dropping potions while levitating
  • Quaffing or applying potions inside a shop
  • Putting on unidentified rings in a temple
  • Applying a Bullwhip at a watchman.
  • Holding down the search or rest key.
  • Kicking sinks at a low experience level. Not only are you yet prone to receive a detrimental effect if a foocubus is summoned, it might also result in death if it's a level loss effect at experience level 1.
  • Attacking a mold while at low health

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