The ape is a large animal, standing upright on hind legs, using the front legs to claw and attack. Luckily, the ape is not strong enough to withstand a properly prepared player, and will succumb, often leaving a tasty meal.

More fearsome than the ape is the carnivorous ape. The monkey, though not related (game-wise) deserves a mention as well, as all three share the symbol Y.

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Encyclopedia entry Edit

The most highly evolved of all the primates, as shown by
all their anatomical characters and particularly the
development of the brain. Both arboreal and terrestrial,
the apes have the forelimbs much better developed than
the hind limbs. Tail entirely absent. Growth is slow
and sexual maturity reached at quite an advanced age.

[ A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa by Dorst ]

Aldo the gorilla had a plan. It was a good plan. It was
right. He knew it. He smacked his lips in anticipation as
he thought of it. Yes. Apes should be strong. Apes should
be masters. Apes should be proud. Apes should make the
Earth shake when they walked. Apes should _rule_ the Earth.

[ Battle for the Planet of the Apes,
by David Gerrold ]

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