The Angel, A, is the most prominent of the angelic beings. They almost exclusively appear in the service of one of the deities, and appear in large numbers on the Astral Plane; you can also obtain a guardian Angel as a minion when you arrive on the Astral Plane if your alignment is sufficiently high and you are not wearing a ring of conflict.

Angels will be generated peaceful, if you are Lawful.

Angels' magic missile attack ignores both reflection and half spell damage, but deals no damage if you have magic resistance

Angels are generated with an non-cursed erodeproof large shields with a 1/4 chance of the shield becoming a shield of reflection and blessed erodeproof long swords with a 1/20 chance of the sword becoming either Demonbane or Sunsword(If they don't exist yet). The tame guardian angel you get when entering the Astral Plane is kitted out a bit better.

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