The aggravate monster property greatly amplifies the chance that nearby sleeping monsters will be awakened if you move near them. While you have this property, monsters can usually tell where you are even if they cannot see you. Also, abusing pets will halve their tameness instead of reducing it by one.

Gaining the propertyEdit

Aggravate monster is gained as an extrinsic property by wearing a ring of aggravate monster, and a permanent intrinsic property by doing any of the following

  • eating any cat or dog corpse (or their less or more grown up forms) (unless an orc or caveperson)
  • attempting to sacrifice a former pet, only if it died while it was tame ("So this is how you repay loyalty?")
  • eating a corpse of your own race (see cannibalism) (unless an orc or caveperson)
  • by eating the ring of aggravate monster (if the player is polymorphed into a monster that eats metal, and the ring is made of metal).

The effect of this type of aggravate monster is almost completely nullified by stealth.

While extrinsic aggravate monster can be eliminated by simply removing the ring, the intrinsic property is much harder to get rid of. The only way to do so is to have a gremlin steal it from you at night. However, be warned that they are likely to steal a number of good intrinsics before stealing the bad one.

Other forms of aggravate monsterEdit

The aggravate monster monster spell wakes up all monsters on the level and has a one-fifth chance of unparalyzing paralyzed monsters on the level.

Some other effects have the same result, such as a shrieker's shriek, quaffing a cursed potion of invisibility, attempting to turn undead with your god extremely angry at you (or as an undead while lawful or neutral) or in Gehennom, and occasionally sitting on a throne or failing to read a spellbook ("You feel threatened.").

Monsters can also be affected when drinking a cursed potion of invisibility or being affected by the shrieker (only with conflict or pet shrieker).

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