An abbot is a Monk quest guardian. It is not generated with a weapon. Eating an abbot's corpse inflicts hallucination[1] - just another drawback that adds to the list of bad things that will happen alongside it

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Encyclopedia EntryEdit

For it had been long apparent to Count Landulf that nothing
could be done with his seventh son Thomas, except to make him
an Abbot or something of that kind. Born in 1226, he had from
childhood a mysterious objection to becoming a predatory eagle,
or even to taking an ordinary interest in falconry or tilting
or any other gentlemanly pursuits. He was a large and heavy and
quiet boy, and phenomenally silent, scarcely opening his mouth
except to say suddenly to his schoolmaster in an explosive
manner, "What is God?" The answer is not recorded but it is
probable that the asker went on worrying out answers for himself.

The Runaway Abbot, by G. K. Chesterton
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